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04-01-2009 Haarlem, archaeological museum

This is such a fun and lovely small museum. It is situated in the center of Haarlem at the 'Grote Markt', the big marketplace in town. The building was used for several things but most importantly for selling meat in the old days. That's why it is called the 'Vleeshal' (Meathall) Later it was used as a depot for the army and the public library. They also showed Rembrandts drawings in the 'Vleeshal' for the first time ever (the handout of the museum says).

The building was built in 1602. Because the old door got stuck, a volunteer of the museum helped me opening the door of the basement.


These figures are called 'Putti', just like me ;-) The plates are from the shop of Willem Verstraeten who lived in Haarlem around 1600.