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21-02-2009 Wouter Hamel new album presentation at Paradiso Amsterdam

Wouter's new album is called: Nobody's Tune. It's exceptional lovely, funky, sweet and true. Thank you so much guys! You made it happen.

The concert was a big party, everyone went mad. People yelling and screaming, they didn't stop. Check out the video's further down, for some of the best performances of tonight. Or go to Fabchannel to watch the whole concert.

More pictures at


One of my favorite songs: 'March, April, May' ft Benjamin Herman.

Opening song: Quite the Disguise

In this video the audience goes wild ;-)


Helemaal met je eens! Paradisoconcert Wouter Hamel was indeed bijzonder en van wereldklasse. Fijn om op Putty-filmpjes terug te kunnen zien!