November 2013

13  Yangon, landline here
11  Yangon, reflexion of Inya Lake
10  Yangon, mosque
08  Yangon, behind Khayay preschool
07  Yangon, maybe it works ...
05  Yangon, stairs
03  Yangon, spirit houses
02  Yangon, be aware of the dog

October 2013

18  Yangon, on our way to the full moon fair
16  Yangon, flower market
13  Twante township
10  Yangon, morning market stroll
04  Yangon, on our way to downtown
03  Yangon, nuns asking for alms
01  Yangon, Aung San's garden

September 2013

28  Yangon, @ press conference Aung San Suu Kyi
05  Bagan, bee temple
04  Bagan, Taung Kalat
03  Bagan, at the river
02  Bagan, after the night bus: good morning Bagan!
01  Yangon, "our" betelnut man

August 2013

31  Yangon, DVB debate launch party
30  Yangon, run for krupuk
27  Yangon, bug
26  Yangon, Swedagon reflexion
24  Yangon, lovely exit
21  Yangon, taxi decorations
09  Yangon, public transport
08  Yangon, Aung San museum
07  Yangon, wet day
06  Yangon, beautiful buddha shop
05  Yangon, monks
03  Bangkok, aquarium

July 2013

29  Yangon, close to home
28  Yangon, to Kyauntan
27  Yangon, ice man
25  Yangon, taxi view
22  Yangon, washing at home
18  Yangon, Bogyoke Aung San
17  Yangon, homemade mayonaisse
14  Yangon, morning market
13  Yangon, young monks
11  Yangon, girls next door
10  Yangon, nuts
09  Yangon, football
07  Yangon, Jungle book temple
06  Yangon, golden coconut
05  Yangon, flower market
04  Yangon, nuns laundry
03  Yangon, Ruby Mart bridge
01  Yangon, first school day

June 2013

30  Yangon, monks bathroom
28  Yangon, betel nut leaves
26  Yangon, down our 10 stairs
25  Yangon, mingalaba!
23  Yangon, @ reclining Buddha
22  Yangon, street food
19  Yangon, on our way the supermarket
16  Yangon, to the temple
13  Yangon, view from our apartment
10  Yangon, monsoon
09  Yangon, finished little amigurumi mouse project
07  Yangon, work men attention
02  Yangon, at gun point
01  Yangon, sunset from our kitchen window

May 2013

30  Yangon, street view
29  Yangon, Sule Pagoda
28  Yangon, in and around the house
25  Yangon, relaxing @ Swedagon Pagoda
24  Yangon, downtown
23  Yangon, lizard beehive attack

January 2013

04  Magelang, Borodudur with grandma
01  Yogjakarta, Prambanan

December 2012

31  Indonesia, somewhere above Java
30  Bali, beautiful Barong
29  Bali, Moari instruments shop
27  Bali, barong performance
23  Kuala Lumpur, Bird Park
23  Kuala Lumpur, view from KL Tower
16  Ninh Binh, on our way to the jungle
16  Ninh Binh, restaurant
15  Ninh Binh, Van Long Nature Reserve
14  Ninh Binh, visiting the countryside
13  Hanoi, West Lake
12  Hanoi, temple offering
11  Hanoi, Loulou2
06  Pai, dramatic morning mist

November 2012

30  Chiang Mai, lovely fresco on Chinese temple floor
28  Chiang Mai, free the birds is heaps of fun!
24  Chiang Mai, let's shop
23  Chiang Mai, restaurant decoration

February 2012

18  Doha, @ dad's work
18  Doha, view on West Bay
08  Doha, Intercontinental hotel
07  Doha, @ Safari shopping mall

December 2011

09  Doha, ATM @ souq Waqif
06  Doha, Education City

November 2011

30  Doha, Souq Waqif
28  Doha, Men at work
27  Doha, @ City Center
26  Doha, shopping mall Villaggio
25  Doha, wondering around in Souq Waqif
24  Doha, Museum of Islamic Art
23  Doha, great kid books at the I Spy Bookstore
22  Doha, Loulou's room
21  Doha, Park at La Corniche
20  Doha, black piet at home
19  Doha, air show right above our building
18  Doha, Qatar Tourism Authority
17  Doha, going for a stroll
16  Epe, travel preps.
14  Epe, Ole and Lou in the sun
13  Epe, dad's boots
12  Epe, painting 'Heitje'
10  Epe, Dad's birthday
09  Epe, down town
08  Epe, in the mushroom
07  Epe, Heathland walk
06  Epe, mushrooms in front of mushroom (small house)
02  Epe, @ grandma's
01  Epe, forest walk

October 2011

26  Doha, trying to leave the country.
25  Doha, straw-soup
24  Doha, skyscraper cleaning day
23  Doha, lazy evening @home
22  Doha, Gulf
21  Doha, Katara Cultural city
20  Doha, rooftop view
19  Doha, evening visit to the soukh

November 2010

15  Bangkok, girls selecting shrimps at Makro
11  Bangkok, by night

October 2010

11  Epe, shadow lane

September 2010

21  Epe, mushroom

June 2010

04  Haarlem, gierstraat
03  Haarlem, Loulou's bed
02  Haarlem, Farmor and Loulou

May 2010

01  Haarlem, Ole leaves for South Africa

April 2010

30  Haarlem, queensday
29  Haarlem, Loulou feels a bit sick today
28  Haarlem, Loulou's reflection
27  Bloemendaal aan zee, De Republiek
26  Haarlem, macro
25  Haarlem, flower parade and funny costums
24  Haarlem, family visit
23  Haarlem, backing a green cake
22  Amsterdam, Central Station at 7.30 AM
21  Haarlem, watching youtubes
20  Haarlem, @the bagelshop
19  Hilversum, back to work
18  Haarlem, no airplane stripes
17  Soest, Windmill
16  Haarlem Spaarnwoude, Ikea
15  Haarlem, on our way to day care
14  Haarlem, great store: Marqt
13  Haarlem, opa just back from Norway visiting
12  Haarlem, Kenau park
11  Epe, forest made by men
10  Epe, chainsaw fight
09  Epe, all you need: Loulou and beer ;-)
08  Haarlem, oldest train bridge in the Netherlands
07  Haarlem, Raaks
06  Haarlem, Big church
05  Haarlem, dear deer at Haarlemmerhout
04  Epe-Haarlem, Ole and Loulou in the train
03  Epe, the pond is full of frog eggs
02  Epe, visiting for the weekend
01  Haarlem, Ripperda

March 2010

31  Haarlem, taco's with lamb meat
30  Haarlem, Daddy and Ole after soto ajam
29  Haarlem, Lou accepts her bottle again
28  Haarlem, eating out @Stempels with brother and niece
27  Haarlem, finally it's getting warm again
25  Haarlem, river Spaarne
24  Amsterdam, my daughter's first train ride
23  Haarlem, Gedempte Oude Gracht
22  Haarlem, Ole, Ole and Ole
21  Haarlem, grandmother's cake
20  Haarlem, cleaning our kitchen
19  Haarlem, picking a lamp for my daughters room
18  Haarlem, the sun is out and all the neighbourhood cats too
17  Haarlem, view from warehouse V&D
16  Haarlem, fixing the baby box for Loulou
15  Haarlem, rhubarb with 'apple' crumble
14  Haarlem, my new family -half a sleep
13  Haarlem, Nobel cafe with my niece and her club sandwich
12  Haarlem, first spring flowers
11  Haarlem, police checks kids scooters
10  Haarlem, experiment
09  Haarlem, preparing rendang (Indonesian meat dish)
08  Haarlem, quick down town visit
07  Bloemendaal aan zee, showing our daughter the sea
06  Epe, frozen lake at Ole's parents place
05  Epe, Loulou visits our guesthouse: the mushroom
04  Haarlem, Loulou can see more and more
03  Haarlem, watching the results of the local elections
02  Haarlem, today the Olympic winners were honored in Haarlem
01  Haarlem, gaming and care

January 2010

31  Haarlem, me and my new born daughter in an Indonesian selendang
17  Haarlem, finishing the birth announcements
16  Haarlem, making hard copies of our pictures
15  Haarlem, building site next to our home wrapped in plastic
14  Haarlem, Gierstraat
13  Haarlem, frozen Gierstraat
12  Haarlem, getting dark early
11  Haarlem, waiting for the baby and sewing my time away
10  Haarlem, our balcony
09  Haarlem, Botermarkt with snow
08  Haarlem, icicles on my rooftop
07  Haarlem, Hofje van Loo
06  Haarlem, seen from department store V&D
05  Haarlem, the buttons for our new daughter are finished
04  Haarlem, Christmas gift from the NOS
03  Haarlem, holiday time, shopping and time for pictures
02  Haarlem, exploring the town
01  Haarlem, lighting a tai balloon ;-)

December 2009

31  Haarlem, getting the last groceries before 2010 starts
30  Haarlem, it's snowing again and look how fresh it is ;-)
29  Rotterdam, Anak Wayang
28  Haarlem, The meat hall, one of Haarlem's oldest buildings
27  Haarlem, dinner with friends at an Indian restaurant
26  Haarlem, watching Christmas episodes of South Park
25  Haarlem, night ceremony in the big church
24  Haarlem, Christmas dinner with Ole's parents
23  Haarlem, Ole's picks the best vegetables for Christmas dinner
22  Haarlem, burgwal gracht
21  Haarlem, our mini Christmas tree
20  Haarlem, big church in the freezing cold
19  Haarlem, our new sofa has arrived
18  Haarlem, a slippery wedding
17  Haarlem, weather is getting extreem in Holland
16  Haarlem, looking for Christmas presents
15  Haarlem, finally we found the perfect baby basket
14  Haarlem, shopping in the Gierstraat
13  Bloemendaal aan zee, camera battle
12  Haarlem, celebrating our birthdays
11  Haarlem, birthday meal
10  Haarlem, cold and sunny, I love it ;-)
09  Haarlem, the Big Market. It's getting cold in Haarlem
08  Haarlem, my parents and brother came over for a short visit
07  Haarlem, honey chicken and 'the Guy Salad'.
06  Epe, we celebrate Sinterklaas with our family from Norway
05  Epe, niece Ingerid sings a Norwegian song
04  Amstedam, we went out to diner to celebrate my maternity leave
03  Amsterdam, on my way home in a empty train
02  Haarlem, at Central Station
01  Hilversum, Can I go home?

November 2009

30  IJmuiden, the beach
29  IJmuiden, we rented a car and drove to IJmuiden
28  Haarlem, shopping a nursery
27  Haarlem, a cheap winter cappuccino
26  Amsterdam, Ole at the radio show Oba Live
25  Haarlem, the VIP room
24  Haarlem, at Central Station
23  Haarlem, on our way to lunch
22  Haarlem, Ole and Kepler in a boat on the Spaarne
21  Haarlem, Kepler and this enormous machine
20  Haarlem, Kepler and Guy playing Monopoly
19  Hilversum, museum Beeld en Geluid
18  Haarlem, big church Bavo
17  Hilversum, sky above Hilversum
16  Epe, Ole and Meike
15  Epe, my niece Bo visits too and made such an lovely cake for us
14  Epe, together with dear friends we spend the weekend at Ole's parents
13  Haarlem, we made up our own recipe
12  Eefde, we spend the night close to the castle
11  Ruurlo, my brothers dog Harrie
10  Hilversum, sky above Mediapark
09  Haarlem, big red mushrooms
08  Utrecht, Welmoed is born. The daughter of Willeke and Sebe
07  Haarlem, Ole waiting at the bus stop
06  Haarlem, Ole acting as a ghost at the building site close to our house
05  Amsterdam, finally Starbucks opens in Amsterdam
04  Haarlem, dirty mushroom
03  Haarlem, made a pumpkin goatcheese dish
02  Haarlem, building site Raaks
01  Haarlem, beautiful mushrooms

October 2009

31  Ruurlo, daddy making jokes
30  Hilversum, tree mediapark
29  Hilversum, goodbye party of colleague
28  Hilversum, red mushroom next door at work
27  HIlversum, green walk at the Mediapark
26  Hilversum, huge mushroom
25  Haarlem, visiting Teylers museum
24  Haarlem, baking apple pie
23  Den Dolder, my mom's birthday
22  Haarlem, brother Lucien and husband Ole make a new tap in the bathroom
21  Hilversum, manderin
20  Amsterdam, Central Station early in the purple morning.
19  Haarlem, late night soto ajam from the freezer. Still really lovely.
18  Haarlem, Kruisstraat is rebuild
17  Leiden, because of a train delay we got stuck in Leiden, not bad ;-)
16  Amsterdam, great food @ hotel Amrath
15  Hilversum, at the kidsnews newsdesk (Jeugdjournaal)
14  Hilversum, leaves leave stains on the concrete
13  Hilversum, I discovered a freemasons building
12  Haarlem, today I'm enjoying my smoked salmon
11  Haarlem, Angel candle makes ghostly figure on the wall
10  Bloemendaal beach, with my brother and his dog Harrie
09  Amsterdam, new OV-chip gates.
08  Den Dolder, birdhouse at my parents
07  Den Haag, the goverment building on a rainy day
06  Hilversum, newsdesk at the NOS
05  Haarlem, cleaning the house and no time for pictures
04  Haarlem, brother helps re-carpeting the stairs ;-)
03  Hilversum, at the NOS newsdesk
02  Hilversum, presenter Astrid Kerseboom
01  Hilversum, my colleague bought a G-phone too

September 2009

30  Haarlem, Ole is wairing both our wedding rings
29  Haarlem, I love rocket sla ;-0
28  Haarlem, love this food
26  Epe, painting the guesthouse
25  Ruurlo, my brothers new home
24  Amsterdam, Birma art
23  Hilversum, M&M's for a boy
22  Hilversum, someone crashed the entry of our parking area at work
21  Haarlem, the first letter with my new name
20  Amersfoort, visiting Ole's uncle -it's his birthday
19  Epe, yesterday we went to Ole's parents to stay in the guesthouse
18  Haarlem, I took pictures during our wedding ceremony
17  Hilversum, window at radio station 3FM
16  Haarlem, fire men check the building site in front of our house
15  Hilversum, cafe at work
14  Amstedam, a dove at central station
13  Utrecht, Starbucks
12  Haarlem, medieval festival
11  Haarlem, perfect day for shopping
10  Hilversum, Cathy Spierenburg gets a royal decoration
09  Haarlem, Ole's hands go fast when he is typing
08  Amsterdam, bikes in the evening light
07  Haarlem, doing dishes
06  Haarlem, at the falafel restaurant at Botermarkt
05  Haarlem, looking for fun kids stuff
04  Haarlem, out to diner and yes that is a big parmesan cheese
03  Haarlem, waiting for the government building to open
02  Hilversum, first day at my new job. I've got a beautiful view
01  Rotterdam, beautiful art object

August 2009

31  Epe, Bumble bee and Ole
30  Epe, we took a walk today. It's beautiful out here
29  Epe, the sun warms up the house -look at the steam
28  Epe, pictures of the baby inside me ;-)
27  Haarlem, I play Sim City and Ole is working
26  Haarlem, Raaks
25  Haarlem, my parents came over for a visit
24  Haarlem, botermarkt at the piano store
23  Haarlem, looking for wedding card ideas
22  Haarlem, Prinsenhof
21  Haarlem, Free-masons sign?
20  Haarlem, river Spaarne
19  Haarlem, I love passion fruit
18  Haarlem, preparing for our wedding day
17  Haarlem, me and best friend Baukje shopping
16  Haarlem, lovely fish on the BBQ
15  Haarlem, Blow up tiger
14  Amsterdam, Ole and I eating out at 'Hemelse Modder'
13  Hilversum, girlfriend Eline at dinner time
12  Amsterdam, Leidseplein on a rainy day
11  Haarlem, central station late at night
10  Haarlem, at the local store they sell complete hyves with honey
09  Haarlem, with best friend Lysette at the best breakfast place in town
08  Bloemendaal beach, bird and kids
07  Amsterdam, friends getting married in the Vondelpark
06  Haarlem, ticket from the blue man group
05  Hilversum, the bus from the Lost series.
04  Amsterdam, Ole looks down on the crowd
03  Amsterdam, waiting for a late train.
02  Haarlem, Ole loves cats
01  Haarlem, my brother helps us with our new bed

July 2009

31  Curacao, hotel Hulanda
30  Aruba, tourists, tourists, tourists
29  Paramaribo, visiting the hospital
28  Paramaribo, on our way to see the capital of Surinam
27  Curacao, these birds love sugar
26  Curacao, at west point
25  Curacao, Winfried and Wouter looking for the best place to take a dive
24  Curacao, the Isla refinery
23  Curacao, preparing for our evening diner
22  Curacao, the airport gets fresh paint
21  Curacao, dolphin waiting to entertain people
20  Curacao, on my way to the supermarket
19  Bonaire, we took the pickup truck out early
18  Bonaire, today we rented a car and made a beautiful trip over the island
17  Bonaire, yesterday night we arrived at Bonaire
16  Curacao airport, waiting for our plane to Bonaire ;-)
15  Haarlem, funny stuffed dolls
14  Haarlem, on my bike to the bike repair shop
13  Haarlem, de Raaks building site.
12  Den Dolder, my mothers doll house
11  Den Dolder, photo who my great grandfather took
10  Almere, Puck drinks on her own
09  Amsterdam, taking the ferry to Amsterdam north
08  Hilversum, my computer crashed and I get a new one.
07  Haarlem, church in front of our house gets new windows
06  Haarlem, this egg contains two chairs and a table, cool...
05  Epe, taking care of some work around the house
04  Epe, openings party of the guest house at Ole's parents
03  Amsterdam, dear friend Sebe loves to BBQ ;)
02  Haarlem, the neighbours cat comes over for a visit
01  Haarlem, Ole and I in the bus

June 2009

30  Amsterdam, someone fell asleep at Amsterdam Central station
29  Amsterdam, this is an addictive game for the G-phone: Torect Lite
28  Amsterdam Schiphol, already time to say goodbye
27  Bloemendaal aan zee
26  Haarlem, dear friends Guy and Sarah
25  Haarlem, looking for a funny video
24  Hilversum, at work we watch the digital channel Journaal24
23  Amsterdam, checking Puck's website
22  Haarlem, old, new car
21  Haarlem, nieuwe gracht at 5:30 in the morning
20  Haarlem, we had some Indian food across the street
19  Haarlem, shopping mall V&D at 5:30 in the morning
18  Haarlem, I bought all kinds of fruits
17  Hilversum, outside our workplace lives a brown hare
16  Hilversum, tree and a strange shadow ;-)
15  Amsterdam, after work we ate at a Spanish restaurant
14  Haarlem, tonight it is movies and melons
13  Haarlem, Ole and all our old newspapers
12  Haarlem, sun at the botermarkt
11  Haarlem, heather
10  Haarlem, summer flowers
09  Hilversum, NOS studio needs clean windows
08  Schiphol, Ole just arrived from Copenhagen
07  Haarlem, web on a plant on our balcony
06  Haarlem, bore at the market. Such a beautiful skin.
05  Haarlem, next to the icecream shop
04  Amsterdam, sailship
02  Haarlem, my niece came over for a museum and a bite to eat ;-)
01  Epe, beautiful bug

May 2009

31  Epe, Ole lumberjack
30  Epe, beautiful light today
29  Epe, evening walk through the forest at Ole's parents
28  Hilversum, I have an appointment at museum 'Beeld en Geluid'
27  Haarlem, the big hole in the ground in front of our house is closed up
26  Haarlem, making a Norwegian diner
24  Haarlem, Old, old house for elderly people (1624)
23  Utrecht, mom and dad at the Anak Wayang diner
21  Bloemendaal, Puck: my best friends daughter ;-)
20  Hilversum, spring time
19  Hilversum, we've got a special place to put all our special pieces of art from all over the world
18  Hilversum, on the rooftop at the NOS
17  Haarlem, crane at the building site in front of our house
16  Haarlem, our candle used to be an angel...
15  Haarlem, my favorite shop opened in Haarlem ;-)
14  Amsterdam, ice cream with peak hole (on a door :-)
12  Hilversum, old rusty chair
11  Hilversum, tadpole in the pond
10  Haarlem, I backed bread to day
09  Haarlem, home again
08  Oslo city, today we go to the Munch museum
07  Norway, hero Ole is getting rid of the shit....
06  Norway, white flowers all through the forest
05  Norway, today we're going for a little walk in the woods
04  Norway, at the cabin day two
03  Close to Oslo, at our cabin in the forest
02  Haarlem, picking the best cheese
02  Oslo, the sweet sixteen party can begin
01  Oslo, we went to Norway to visit Ole's family

April 2009

30  Haarlem, crazy queensday
29  Hilversum, Eline just got a new sister, Meike ;-)
28  Haarlem, I made a butter bird ;-)
27  Hilversum, suddenly everything is green
26  Brussels, old city wall
24  Brussels, trip into town
24  Antwerpen, on our way to Brussels
23  Haarlem, film crew at night
22  Hilversum, NOS correspondent Henna Draaibaar at a photo shoot
21  Haarlem, herbs on our balcony
20  Haarlem, lovely white wine
19  Epe, the guesthouse gets it's own fire place.
18  Epe, the guesthouse at Ole's parents is almost finished
17  Amsterdam, Ole and his shiny shoes
16  Amsterdam, art work at central station
15  Hilversum, work and blossoms
14  Amsterdam, 5:30 in the morning on my way to work
13  Haarlem, online gaming
12  Haarlem, celebrating easter with the family
11  Haarlem, easter rabbit
10  Haarlem, at home
09  Haarlem, the best breakfast ever ;-)
08  Amsterdam, visiting dear friend Lisette, who had a strange, green flower on her table ;-)
07  Haarlem, train station
06  Hilversum, at the pond, Mediapark
05  Haarlem, friends visiting.
04  Wouter Hamel performing at de Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam
03  Den Haag, visiting 'Movies that Matter' filmfestival
02  Hilversum, Moonlanding tape at the NOS
01  Hilversum, cutting trees at work

March 2009

31  Haarlem, building site seen from our balcony. I think I'm feeling better today ;-)
30  Haarlem, at home. I think I'm coming up with the flu.
29  Amsterdam, Madeweg station
28  Haarlem, out for shopping when I saw this old door
27  Almere, visiting dear friends Mikel and Baukje
26  Hilversum, shoes of Elger, my colleague
25  Haarlem, new street
24  Hilversum, at work, too busy to make any good pics
23  Haarlem, watching a weather website on the beamer
22  Epe, building a new floor in the guesthouse
21  Baarn, on our way to Epe
20  Amsterdam - Hilversum, mother with kid
19  Hilversum, mediapark
18  Amsterdam, enjoying the first sun shine
17  Amsterdam, at Sea Palace Chinese restaurant
16  Amsterdam, Damrak
15  Hilversum - Amsterdam
14  Haarlem, Raaks building site in front of our house
13  Hilversum-Noord, brand new soccerfield
12  Weesp, very low seat in the train
11  Amsterdam, police officers
10  Haarlem, The Netherlands, Foot at the canal 't Spaarne.
09  Hilversum, spring sun
08  Hilversum, a sunny day at work
07  Den Dolder, my brothers dog Harrie
06  Haarlem, building blocks in front of our home
05  Den Dolder, visiting my parents
04  Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat
03  Haarlem, building site
02  Amsterdam central, TGV
01  Haarlem, building site in front of our house

February 2009

28  Utrecht, my dear sisters birthday; high tea
27  Amsterdam, rail way police
26  Amsterdam, visiting friends and making lomo like pictures
25  Haarlem, the construction in front of our house develops quickly
24  Haarlem, again I made soto ajam, Indonesian chicken soup
23  Haarlem, construction worker posses for me.
22  Haarlem, looking for a wedding dress ;-)
21  Wouter Hamel new album presentation at Paradiso Amsterdam
20  Hilversum at the NOS Journaal
19  Hilversum, presenter get's a make-up
18  Amsterdam, train station
17  Haarlem, painting old chairs
16  Haarlem, me at home
15  Hilversum, Moss
14  Hilversum, trees, sky, planes and clouds
13  Weesp, from the train in the morning
12  Hilversum, evening sky above the Mediapark
11  Amsterdam, ICE: high velocity train
10  Haarlem, Raaks building site in front of our house
09  Haarlem, the best coffee we drink at home ;-)
08  Haarlem, Ole found a cartoon he made as a kid
07  Haarlem, clouds above our street
06  Haarlem, afternoon light at Haarlem central station
05  Hilversum, half frozen pond at the Mediapark
04  Hilversum, snowy mediapark
03  Haarlem, I got the G1, Google phone
02  Haarlem, shopping in Haarlem
01  Amsterdam-Hilversum

January 2009

31  Haarlem, trout with chrimps
30  Haarlem, fish at the market
29  Haarlem, it's getting colder. Heating systems working overtime
28  Haarlem, super market
27  Haarlem, 'I love Obama'
26  Haarlem, Kiosk at Haarlem Central
25  Haarlem, family day
24  Haarlem, chicks in hot tub
23  Hilversum, NOS is powned
22  Haarlem, almost on our roof top
21  Haarlem, dried mushroom
20  Haarlem, Obama night!
19  Haarlem, light store, dark street
18  Epe, tree reflexion in a puddle
17  Haarlem central station
16  Haarlem, breakfast
15  Amsterdam-Haarlem, factory
14  Hilversum, weird lunch ;-)
13  Amsterdam rushing
12  Haarlem, we decorated our hall way
11  Haarlem, getting groceries
10  Haarlem, frozen Brouwersgracht
09  Hilversum, more dead fish in the pond at the Mediapark
08  Hilversum, frozen fish in the pond at the Mediapark
07  Haarlem, Nieuwe Gracht
06  Haarlem, visiting the big church of Haarlem
05  Haarlem, Nieuwe Gracht is frozen
04  Haarlem, archaeological museum
03  Amsterdam-Hilversum by train
02  Amsterdam, skating ring
01  Haarlem, me and Ole as avatars on the wii

December 2008

31  Haarlem, happy new year!
30  Den Haag, Beatrixkwartier
29  Haarlem, my niece Bo and here boyfriend Titus
28  Bloemendaal beach
27  Haarlem, we made Christmas diner for friends
26  Bloemendaal beach, our relax day in between Christmas celebrations
25  Epe, Christmas morning
24  Epe, Christmas evening
23  Haarlem, Christmas diner shopping
22  Haarlem, beamer-loving-time
21  Haarlem, gaming on the Wii at home
20  Haarlem, wii-music on the beamer
19  Haarlem, we've got a projector!
18  Haarlem, moss
17  Haarlem, New York lamp
16  HIlversum, television show
15  Amsterdam, stationsplein
14  Kaatsheuvel, Efteling
13  Hilversum, early morning sun
12  Haarlem, we are tired and lazy
11  Amsterdam, Wouter Hamel at Het Bimhuis
10  Amsterdam, Oleta Adams and Wouter Hamel
09  Haarlem, Meeting Anak Wayang
08  Epe, more mushrooms
07  Epe, Ole's parents live in the middle of the forest
06  Haarlem, On my way to rent a car
05  Haarlem, making Sinterklaas surprises
04  Hilversum, my pictures in a local newspaper
03  Haarlem, very early in the morning
02  Utrecht, Flight Simulator
01  Amsterdam, Sinterklaas

November 2008

30  Utrecht, I went to the movies with my mam.
29  Haarlem, blogging and watching Never Mind the Buzz Cocks
28  Amsterdam, people travelling
27  Hilversum, Haarlem, evening sun
26  Hilversum, a police officers meeting at the mediapark
25  Hilversum, working at the digital desk of the NOS
24  Haarlem, reflexion in a puddle
23  Hilversum, morning ice
22  Hilversum, snow today
21  Haarlem, hail
20  Amsterdam, train station
19  Naardermeer, morning sun
18  Hilversum, fish tank at Hilversum restaurant
17  Hilversum, dead eurasian woodcock
16  Terschelling, day 3
15  Terschelling, day 2
14  Island Terschelling, family party
13  Leeuwarden, sleep on a boat
12  In between Hilversum and Amsterdam
11  Amsterdam, at Winfried and Wouter
10  Amsterdam, Bimhuis, Kurt Elling
09  Haarlem, Ole's birthday, night before
08  Haarlem, baking for Ole's birthday
07  Haarlem, Grote Markt, saterday shopping
06  Haarlem, violin repair man
05  Hilversum, Halloween in Holland
04  Hilversum, red leaf
03  Amsterdam, fog in the morning
02  Hilversum, Free Voice at the Mediapark
01  Haarlem, shark at the fish market

October 2008

30  Amsterdam, waiting for the train to go home
29  Haarlem, buttons and rain
27  Haarlem, souvenirs and Sinterklaas presents from New York
26  From New York to Paris
25  New York, United Nations, manholes and Miffy
24  New York
23  New York, Brooklyn
22  New York, circle line
21  New York, Tuna fish sandwich
20  New York, Empire State
19  New York, Central Park and the Guggenheim
18  New York City
17  Amsterdam, New York
16  Haarlem, fall
15  Haarlem, my niece Malou and my sister Renee de Senerpont Domis
14  Hilversum, at the NOS Journaal news room
13  Amsterdam, central station
12  Haarlem, Ole bought lovely fat grapes
11  Amsterdam, Amstel at sundown
10  Amsterdam, in to town with friends for a drink and bite to eat
09  Amsterdam train station at 8 o 'clock in the morning
08  Amsterdam, Nieuw markt
07  Haarlem, Ole bought the Macbook air... wauw
06  Haarlem, Tikus loves to sleep over
05  Bussum Zuid, train delay on a cold, rainy morning
04  Haarlem, nieuwe gracht sunsrise at 7 o'clock
03  Haarlem, Grote Markt
02  Hiversum, reflexion in a puddle
01  Haarlem, Oude Gracht

September 2008

30  Haarlem, wet sadle
29  Haarlem, Ole working
28  Bloemendaal and Haarlem
27  Haarlem, open street
26  Haarlem, I met Jezus Christ
25  Amsterdam, together with friends
24  Haarlem, rail way tracks in the morning sun
23  Den Dolder, My sister in law's birthday
22  Hilversum-Amsterdam
21  Epe, a day in the forest with Ole's parents
20  Haarlem centre
19  Den Dolder, daddy's birthday (80 years)
18  Hilversum, Chipknip
17  Haarlem, fire works and a laser show
16  Hilversum, I in front of the Media Centrum
15  Haarlem, is it a hawk?
14  Gorsel and Utrecht, Wouter Hamel's band
13  Haarlem, at home
12  Hilversum, snail.
11  Hilversum, waiting for the train
10  Hilversum, a berry family
09  Den Haag, Dutch parliament
08  Close to Amsterdam
07  Haarlem, Daddy (80 years old) plays with the Wii
06  Haarlem, central station
05  Haarlem, eating at El Pincho
04  Haarlem centre
03  Haarlem, Tikus missed us
02  Haarlem, waking up in the hospital
01  Haarlem, Hospital Kennemergasthuis noord

August 2008

31  Bloemendaal beach.
30  Haarlem, beard
29  Haarlem, new recipe with beets
28  Haarlem, home again
27  Airport Beijing
26  Beijing Forbidden City
25  Beijing, we found this supermarket in a mall
24  Beijing, Tianenman Square, a game and margarita's
23  Beijing
22  Shanghai, on our way back to Beijing
21  Shanghai, centre
20  Shanghai, art galleries
19  Shanghai, day out
18  Shanghai, visiting my brother and sister in law
17  Shanghai
16  Beijing, today we leave for Shanghai
15  Beijing, Judo game
14  Beijing
13  Beijing, in to the Hutong
12  Beijing, Olympic village
11  Beijing, Holland Heineken Huis
10  Close to Beijing, the Chinese wall
09  Beijing, airport
08  Schiphol Amsterdam
07  Hilversum, my last day at work
06  Hilversum, Grape fruit
05  Haarlem, sad day with a lot of rain
04  Airport Schiphol, Ole leaves for China
03  Epe, relax day in the forest at Ole's parents place
02  Kampen, Ole's parents celebrating their 40 year wedding anniversary
01  Epe, real mouse on art

July 2008

31  Haarlem at home, sweet raspberry
30  Hilversum, at the pool
29  Hilversum, water lily
28  Haarlem, building site in front of our house
27  Den Dolder, visiting my mom and dad
26  Hilversum, wasp
25  Haarlem, at home
24  Hilversum, butterfly
23  In between Amsterdam and Haarlem
22  Haarlem, Rat
21  Haarlem, morning dew
20  Hilversum, weather man Marco Verhoef
19  Hilversum, dragonfly
18  Amsterdam, central station
17  Haarlem central station
16  Amsterdam, Museumplein
15  Hilversum, tree fruit
14  Haarlem, building site the Raaks
13  Rotterdam, North Sea Jazz Festival day 3
12  Rotterdam, North Sea Jazz festival, day 2
11  Rotterdam, visiting friends
10  Haarlem, cat 'Rat' and my fiance Ole
09  Haarlem, peas for dinner.
08  Amsterdam, museum Nemo seen from the train.
07  Hilversum, Mediapark
06  Haarlem, Ole back home
05  Almere, Baukje's house
04  Haarlem, chopped down tree doesn't give up.
03  Haarlem, Hotel Babylon
02  Hilversum, fly
01  Hilversum, wild cows. They live behind the mediapark.

June 2008

30  Hilversum, Baukje at cafe Boon
29  Haarlem, mom, dad and my niece Lynn came to visit.
28  Amsterdam
27  Hilversum, lunch time at work
26  Hilversum, turtles and herons
25  Haarlem at home, mozaik.
24  Haarlem, feeling better.
23  Haarlem, be aware of the dog
22  Haarlem, dust plant
21  Haarlem, our lease cat visits.
20  Haarlem, our terrace is finished
19  Haarlem, cold drink
18  Amsterdam, on our way to Club 11.
17  Haarlem, Paeonia
16  Haarlem, nieuwe kerk.
15  Epe, wet leaves.
14  Bloemendaal, Overveen
13  Hilversum, green day
12  Haarlem, big church seen from Zijlweg
11  Hilversum, water lily
10  Amsterdam, just before Central Station
09  Bloemendaal dunes
08  Hilversum at lunch, piano at home.
07  Utrecht, Marc and Djoko's wedding
06  Epe, day 3
05  Epe, morning rain
04  Epe, flat tire
03  Epe, evening fire
02  Epe, wet evening
01  Epe, bugs and frogs

May 2008

31  Rhenen, farewell party
30  Haarlem, spider
29  Hilversum Mediacentrum
28  Hilversum, at work
27  Hilversum, corn poppy
26  Haarlem, egg shell
25  Utrecht, Domkerk
24  Utrecht Overvecht
23  Den Haag, Pasar Malam
22  Utrecht, Cosmo bride
21  Utrecht, sweet sixteen
20  Hilversum, at train station Hilversum Noord
19  Haarlem, morning rush hour.
18  Haarlem, The Netherlands, home again
17  London, Queensborough Terrace
16  London, Tate Modern
15  London Pancas, Kings Cross.
14  Hilversum, Coca Cola bottle...
13  In the train from Hilversum to Amsterdam
12  Haarlem, tomatoes
11  Hilversum, Mediapark, lunch at work
10  Haarlem, our lease cat on te balcony.
09  Airport Schiphol
08  Haarlem, windmill 'Adriaan' and the Grote kerk (Big church)
07  Haarlem, at 'Karwei'
06  Hilversum, tulips at the NOS building
05  Amsterdam, Liberation Day
04  Bloemendaal beach
03  Maastricht, World Press Freedom Day
02  Chinese restaurant Sea Palace in Amsterdam
01  Hilversum, Mediapark, dead bird.

April 2008

30  Queensday Amsterdam
29  Hilversum, Mediapark, dirty pond 2
28  Amsterdam, Club 11
27  Haarlem, Golden Camera
26  Friesland, sailing
25  Hilversum, wedding Sander and Frederiek
24  Haarlem, city fair
23  Haarlem, sun glasses
22  Haarlem, at home.
21  Haarlem, The Netherlands
20  Amsterdam, metro (subway) from Duivendrecht to Amsterdam Central
19  Haarlem, Wouter Hamel
18  Amsterdam, Sint Nicolaas kerk (church).
17  Haarlem, Grote Kerk (big church)
16  Amsterdam Arena
15  Haarlem, coffee at the bagel shop.
14  Haarlem, building site in front of our house
13  Haarlem, ...sun day...
12  Snail
11  Haarlem, play ground
10  Haarlem, Nieuwe Gracht, in the morning.
09  Haarlem, magnifying glass
08  Hilversum, trains were delayed.
07  Hilversum, at the mediapark
06  Biddinghuizen, Walibi World, The Netherlands
05  Haarlem, Gedempte Voldersgracht
04  Haarlem, Gedempte Oude Gracht
03  Haarlem, back home.
02  Airport Tel Aviv
01  Ramallah and Jerusalem

March 2008

31  Jerusalem, Old city
30  Ramallah
29  Tel Aviv day 2
28  Israel, Tel Aviv airport
27  Haarlem, diner time
26  Haarlem, Grote markt, centre of Haarlem
25  Haarlem, Ole's Dayak mask on our cooker hood
24  Haarlem, stairs
23  Hilversum, easter holiday.
22  Hilversum, Jeugdjournaal
21  From Haarlem to Amsterdam, I'am having sushi for breakfast.
20  Haarlem, snow in the morning.
19  Knight on top of Amsterdam Central Station and archaeology museum Haarlem
18  Haarlem, on my way to Ikea
17  Hilversum, mediapark
16  Haarlem, soto ayam
15  Haarlem, Raaks
14  Mediapark, nature reserve.
13  Haarlem, morning rush hour.
12  Amsterdam centre
11  Hilversum at Casa Lorenza
10  Amsterdam Central Station, Monday morning.
09  Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands
08  Haarlem
07  Amsterdam Sloterdijk
06  Amsterdam, twilight
05  Amsterdam Sloterdijk
04  From Amsterdam to Weesp.
03  Hilversum, Idols studios
02  Epe, day 2.
01  Forest ' t Harde, The Netherlands

February 2008

28  Turtle pool, Hilversum
27  Sunny cold day, Haarlem, Hilversum
26  Blood oranges
25  Schouws hardware store, Gedempte Oudegracht, Haarlem
24  Hilversum, Mediapark
23  Haarlem, Central Station
22  Amsterdam, Central Station.
21  Hilversum, Mediacentrum.
20  Hilversum, News Room NOS Journaal
19  Haarlem, Victor's koffie.
18  Antwerp, Harbour
17  Antwerp, Belgium
16  Pindakaas Festival, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
15  Central station, Haarlem
14  Raaks, Patronaat, Haarlem.
13  News Room NOS, Hilversum
12  Nieuw Gracht, Haarlem.
11  Hilversum, nature reserve.
10  Haarlem, lazy sunday...
09  Beach Bloemendaal close to Haarlem
08  Train station, Amsterdam Sloterdijk
07  At home in Haarlem
06  Sky above Amsterdam
05  Hilversum
04  Mediapark, Hilversum
03  Videocentrum NOS, Hilversum
02  Videocentrum at Mediapark Hilversum.
01  We've got a brand new street, Gedempte Voldersgracht, Haarlem

January 2008

31  Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam.
30  Channel 3 tower, radio station (3FM), Mediapark Hilversum
29  In the train from Amsterdam to Haarlem.
28  At home, busy updating, Haarlem
27  Warmoestraat, Haarlem
26  Today we brainstormed with a few colleagues at Central Museum in Utrecht, The Netherlands
25  Having tea with Baukje and Winfried, Hilversum 7.00 PM.
24  Sky above the Mediapark in Hilversum at 4.30 PM
23  Pink tulips: love it :)
22  This morning there was (day)light again. The rest of the day, the sun shined!
21  I was surprised about this recipe, I made up myself. It came out great, if I may say so myself :-).
20  I stayed over in Amsterdam. These doves live on that rooftop.
19  A rainy and cold day again in Haarlem.
18  In front of our house a street light is broken.
17  I visited my dear friend Jesse today.
16  Staircase at the NOS, Videocentrum. Mediapark, Hilversum.
15  On the package: More healthy eggs. Albert Heijn, Almere
14  At work this man is cleaning the outer wall of the building we work in.
13  Almere
12  Travel gear store at Anegang, Haarlem
11  On my way to the postal office.
10  To sick to take any pictures today.
09  Trying to get to the next level (Zelda, Wii) but I'm not really in the mood to play.
08  Kruisstraat, Haarlem
07  Raaks, Haarlem
06  Cocktailparty at our new place. Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Bloody Mary, you name it, we shake it.
05  Having a break and a bite to eat, Nieuwstraat, Haarlem.
04  ABN-AMRO bank at Zijlstraat Haarlem. Pictures from the Christmas fair
03  After work, on my way home. Rainy evening. Zijlstraat, Haarlem.
02  The second day of the year we went to work. Haarlem central station at 9:30 am.
01  On a roof top in Amsterdam. Happy New Year!

December 2007

31  Ole in the mist ;-). Almost 12 o'clock...
30  Jackdaws live in pairs.
29  Museum Nemo and old sailing ship 'Amsterdam' .
28  When I came back from work, Ole already finished a big part of the painting job we definitly wanted to finish in 2007.
27  Visiting Ole's brother and sister in law in Rotterdam. We went out for a drink.
26  On my way to Baukje and Mikel who live in Almere.
25  Christmas day at my parents place. This is their old Christmas stall. My parents bought it 45 years ago.
24  'Sudoku' . We celibrated Christmas in Epe.
23  David and Luba, who live close to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, visit us. Thanks, you guys. It was fun!
22  Ole moves from Wilsonsplein to de Gedempte Voldersgracht, Haarlem ;-)
21  Icy mist, Mediapark, Hilversum
20  -3 degrees celsius. The water at the construction site is heated to prevent freezing
19  Having dinner with colleagues
18  Nature reserve 'Goois Natuurreservaat', Hilversum
17  Lake at Hilversum Mediapark frozen for the first time
16  On our way to the beach, Haarlem
15  Celebrating my birthday, Haarlem
14  We've got new led lights
13  Haarlem Central station in the morning.
12  ...and the trees grow high...
11  My birthday cake ;-)
10  Amsterdam Central, The Netherlands
08  At Ole's parents. Sinterklaas visits, Epe, The Netherlands!
07  The sky above Mediapark, Hilversum, The Netherlands
06  Making presents for Sinterklaas, Haarlem, The Netherlands
05  Hilversum-noord, The Netherlands
04  Zwarte piet (Black piet) visits the NOS, Mediapark, Hilversum, the Netherlands
03  'Transformers'. Amsterdam Central, line 13 and 14, The Netherlands
02  Ole is addicted. This started a week ago and I like it! :-)
01  Finally weekend...

November 2007

30  Eating out, restaurant Wilhelmina Dok, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
29  Early in the morning, Haarlem, The Netherlands
28  Ria and Aryo of the kidsnews tv program 'Cerita Anak' (Indonesia) at the NOS
27  Reflection, Mediapark, Hilversum, The Netherlands
26  Catholic Church at Nieuwe Groenmarkt, Haarlem, The Netherlands
25  Grote Markt, Centre of Haarlem, The Netherlands
24  Butterfly, Haarlem, The Netherlands
23  Putty has a bladder infection, Ole makes Dutch "Appelflappen"
22  Police officers and security personnel at tv station NOS
21  What am I going to eat today?
20  Dutch government: "Prevent that someone gets terroristic ideas"
19  Our new doorbell, Haarlem, The Netherlands
18  Beach and dunes of Castericum, The Netherlands
17  The Mediafactory, Mediapark, The Netherlands
16  Bike flat, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
15  Haarlem downtown, The Netherlands
14  Our street in Haarlem, The Netherlands
13  In between broadcasts, NOS Journaal, Hilversum, The Netherlands
12  New orchid, Haarlem, The Netherlands
11  Visit Epe, celebrate Ole's birthday, The Netherlands
10  Storm in Holland, Bloemendaal beach, The Netherlands
09  Mushrooms and getting dressed for a party, Haarlem
08  Almost Ole's birthday, first present: Cybershot T70, silver!
07  After work, eating out, Hilversum, The Netherlands
06  Mediapark Hilversum, The Netherlands
05  Cycling to the Gamma, Haarlem, The Netherlands
04  Teyler's museum, Haarlem, The Netherlands
03  New Road, Hilversum, The Netherlands
02  Ole at the Youtube disco, Haarlem, The Netherlands
01  Dog in bag. Musical in Alkmaar, The Netherlands

October 2007

31  Dutch journalist, Joris Luyendijk wins Scherpenzeel Award
30  Mediapark at the turtlepool, Hilversum, The Netherlands
29  My new Macbook getting tuned up, Haarlem, The Netherlands
28  Man in burka, Wilsonsplein, Haarlem, The Netherlands
27  Brother's birthday, Den Dolder, The Netherlands
26  Waiting for the train, Central Station, Amsterdam
25  Six months anniversary! Luka Bloom in Patronaat, Haarlem
24  Mediapark, Hilversum, the Netherlands
23  Laurens Janszoon Coster, inventor of typography, Haarlem
22  Houtstraat Haarlem, The Netherlands
21  Visit little village close to Oslo
20  Oslo and the hut in the forest
19  On my way to Norway.
18  Cutting trees. Botermarkt, Haarlem, The Netherlands
17  "If you don't sign up, you will regret it in ten years."
16  Central Station, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
15  Wigs at work, Hilversum, The Netherlands
14  Tree with car. Too sunny to work. Eating out, Hilversum, Haarlem
13  Bloemendaal, The Netherlands
12  Anakwyang charity dinner, Gamelanhuis, Amsterdam
11  Basement at work, Hilversum, The Netherlands
10  No bikes, Amsterdam
09  Police officers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
08  Ole back home
07  Mum and Dad
06  Leaf and Benny Sings, sings in Alkmaar, The Netherlands
05  Fall kicks in. Pic 2: Ole?
04  World animal day. Dead muskito, living spider.
03  To shop
02  Baukje stays over and Ole on his way to Peru
01  Little bug on my kitchen window (super macro, with flare)

September 2007

30  "Bami-Beach", Bloemendaal at sea, The Netherlands
29  First visit, Lisette
28  Sweaty. In the train from Amsterdam to Haarlem, The Netherlands
27  Fishtank at a pizzeria a Hilversum, the Netherlands
26  From Hilversum to Amsterdam by train
25  Having fun at work (Michelle)
24  Discussion forum about children and internet (mijnkindonline)
23  Bloemendaal beach, The Netherlands
22  Snail
21  Haarlem, The Netherlands
20  Baukje and wodka ice tea
19  Daddy's Birthday [79]
18  Students, Haarlem, The Netherlands
17  Clean Face
16  Malioboro, Yogyakarta
15  By Motor Cycle to Ratu Boko
14  By train to Yogyakarta
13  Water Lily, Adams Home Stay, Pangandaran, Indonesia
12  Kampong, Pangandaran, Indonesia
11  Having fun on the beach of Pangandaran, Indonesia
10  On our way to Pangandaran, Indonesia
09  Launch of the first Kids News tv programme in Indonesia
08  Hotel Gran Melia, Jakarta
07  Clouds, on our way to Jakarta